Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

An extreme makeover refers to a reconstructive or restorative procedure that aims to correct or enhance the physical appearance of any given denture, bite and/or gum.

Although not officially recognized by the American Dental Association as a formal specialization, it is acknowledged and generally sought after by many customers for its focus in repairing imperfections and in improving the patient’s smile.

The techniques used in these procedures generally deal with extreme forms of oral malformations and/or imperfections, and thus, employ relatively drastic measures to make the corrections.

An extreme makeover should exclusively be carried out by a Prosthodontist or Orthodontist who has specialized in the aesthetic dentistry.

Dental Veeners are the most common procedures applied in this practice. They are normally given to patients who have had no success when they have undergone a whitening procedure. Veneers are made from porcelain laminates or composite materials, which are glued onto the specific parts of the damaged teeth with the aim of improving the aesthetics of patients teeth.

An alternative to this procedure is composite bonding. Composite bonding is done by blending the affected areas of the teeth with normal ones through the application of a composite material that resembles dentin and enamel. For anyone experiencing tooth decay, inlays and onlays (which are also made from the same kind of materials as dental veneers) can be used as substitute filings.

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