Porcelan Veneers (Lumineers)

We can give you the smile you always wanted!

A smile means a lot in our lives but at times it becomes impossible to give out a smile when we have an imperfect dental formula.

There are many dental procedures that one can undertake to correct this problem and with the advancement in technology, more options are made available.

One such dental procedure is to have Lumineers that will help an individual regain their smile as the procedure makes major changes in the appearance of the lips.
While undertaking the procedure so as to have the Lumineers, our dentist applies thin porcelain veneers so as to cover the patient’s dental imperfections. We understand that it is a very easy dental procedure, and we always ensure that this dental procedure gets performed by a professional dentist.
Compared to other types of veneers, the veneers used in this procedure do not require one’s teeth to get ground or even shaved before the application. Sometimes a person’s existing tooth color might show through the thin veneer, and our dental professionals have the expertise, knowledge and experience to perform the procedure. The entire dental procedure might get performed on any person who feels their teeth are not pretty, and they embarrass him or her.
It’s an easy procedure that doesn’t need big changes done on a person’s teeth, apart from the color and the form. Within a short time, an individual gains back it’s confidence to smile and the procedure also boosts one’s self-esteem to stand before people.
With a maximum of two visits to our certified dentist, one should have their dental imperfection collected. The first visit involves some consultation and the dentist having a look at your teeth to know how he or she can help. They will take photos of your teeth and other records and then send them to our laboratories so as to come up with the best solution. The second visit involves the dentist placing the thin veneers on the person and one has to try them out before they get bonded in place.

The main difference with the traditional veneers is that in this procedure, you won’t need extensive shots, drilling or unsightly acrylic temporaries. Before an individual engages any of our dental professional to do this dental procedure, there are some things they should consider.
An individual should request the dentist to show some of the works they have done in their profession so that one can get the assurance that they are dealing with a professional dentist who will do a perfect job.
Since not all the veneers in the market get done the same, you should ensure you get to know the type of veneer that will get used in your procedure. The veneers that we use in this procedure are known for their uniqueness since they are ultra-thin and also translucent, and this enables them to replicate the enamel’s natural appearance. They can also resist wear and still be resilient for over twenty years.

The whole dental procedure remains a completely pain-free and a great way to reshape and whiten one’s teeth. It’s always advisable to contact your dentist who will evaluate your teeth before he decides whether you should have orthodontics performed to have brace implanted. When there is no severe problem, the dentist will recommend the thin veneers to help you reshape your teeth. The best thing about the procedure is that once the thin veneers get implanted, you won’t have to keep wearing temporaries. With Lumineers, your natural teeth always remain strong and intact and in most cases, you can take the thin veneers off if you want to remove them. . The main challenge with this dental procedure is that one has to keep visiting the dentist every six months for cleaning and doing some check-up so as to keep the veneers looking well and healthy. So, in case you feel that you are not satisfied with your teeth and the way they appear, you should visit our clinic for the best way to regain your smile.

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Lumineers are non invasive porcelain veneers since they don’t require your teeth to be shaved beforehand, learn more about this painless procedure, please call us at (305) 448-3896.