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Miami Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Grisel Martos first received her dental medicine degree in her native country Cuba from the University of Havana. After she graduated from the University of Havana, she was given a position at a local clinic where she continued to improve her skills in cosmetic dentistry.

Miami Cosmetic Dentist miami cosmetic dentist Miami Cosmetic Dentist DrMartos Magazine 3Dr. Martos later traveled to the United States and attended Nova South Eastern University. Enrolled in the university’s College of Dentistry’s International Program for graduates of non-U.S. dental school, she graduated top of her class with honors. Instantaneously she received her Board Certification from Governor Jeff bush and opened her own practice in 2000 as leading Miami cosmetic dentist.

As a member of the Florida dental association, American dental association, and cosmetic dental association, Dr. Martos is constantly expanding her knowledge of dentistry in order to provide her patients with the latest and most effective dental techniques. As a Miami Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Martos is passionate about cosmetic dentistry and treat every patient with care and understanding. She often goes to excessive lengths to ensure that all of her patients are comfortable and pleased with the results. Every patient is treated with care and individual approach to achieve the best possible results.

Lets face it, we are not born with a perfect teeth and people seek a cosmetic dentist for different reasons.  Some want to look young, others want to get rid of that unattractive teeth they’ve had their whole lives, always feeling self-conscious because of them.  As a premier Miami cosmetic dentist, our modern dentistry solutions give you a variety of treatment options to enhance your teeth, and get that celebrity smile you may be looking for!